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SparkFun 6DoF - LSM6DSV16X (Qwiic)

The SparkFun 6DoF - LSM6DSV16X (Qwiic) is a Qwiic enabled board based on the LSM6DSV16X from STMicroelectronics. This little chip is a high-performance, low-power 6-axis IMU, featuring a 3-axis digital accelerometer and a 3-axis digital gyroscope, with a triple core for processing acceleration and angular rate data on three separate channels (user interface, OIS, and EIS) with dedicated configuration, processing, and filtering.

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SparkFun Micro 6DoF - LSM6DSV16X (Qwiic)

The SparkFun 6DoF Micro- LSM6DSV16X (Qwiic) is the 1x1's mini-me, containing most of it's elder sibling's functionality in a tiny little package.

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