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  • SparkFun Photoacoustic Spectroscopy CO2 Sensor - PASCO2V01 (Qwiic)
    SKU: SEN-22956

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  • The SparkFun Photoacoustic Spectroscopy CO2 Sensor - PASCO2V01 (Qwiic) is a breakout using the XENSIV PAS CO2 sensor package from Infineon© which measures highly-accurate CO2 concentrations and outputs data in direct parts-per-million (ppm) format over I2C, UART and PWN. The PAS CO2 employs a photoacoustic spectroscopy measurement system that combines narrow-band filtered IR light and a highly sensitive microphone inside the sensing cavity. The PAS CO2 measures CO2 concentrations from 0 to 32,000ppm with a best accuracy of ±(30ppm +3%) when reading between 400 and 5,000ppm. It also includes and integrated microcontroller that processes and converts the data into direct ppm readout over any of the three communication interfaces. This board includes a boost circuit to increase a 3.3V supply from the Qwiic connectors (or external) to 12V for the IR emitter supply voltage. This circuit includes a series of decoupling capacitors to output a clean 12V. We've also broken out all of the pins from the PAS CO2 package to 0.1"-spaced PTH headers so users have full access to all of the sensor's features.

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In this guide we'll go over the hardware on this Qwiic breakout, how to assemble it into a circuit, and how to install and use Infineon's XENSIV PAS CO2 Arduino Library to configure and interact with the sensor.

Required Materials

To follow along with this guide you will need a microcontroller to communicate with this breakout. Below are a few options that come Qwiic-enabled out of the box:

If your chosen microcontroller is not already Qwiic-enabled, you can add that functionality with one or more of the following items:

You will also need at least one Qwiic cable to connect your breakout to your microcontroller:

Optional Materials

If you prefer a soldered connection for I2C, prefer to use either the UART or PWM interfaces, or want to follow along with the Early Measurments Example later in this guide, you may need some of the products listed below:

Suggested Reading

We designed this board for integration into SparkFun's Qwiic connect system. Click on the banner below to learn more about the SparkFun Qwiic Connect System.

Before getting started with this Hookup Guide, you may want to read through the tutorials below if you are not familiar with the concepts covered in them or want a refresher. If you are using either of the Qwiic Shields linked above, we recommend reading through their respective Hookup Guides before continuing with this tutorial: