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SparkFun ST25DV64KC Arduino Library

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SparkFun Qwiic Dynamic RFID Tag - ST25DV64KC (SPX-19035)

An Arduino library for the ST25DV64KC Dynamic NFC/RFID Tag.

With this library, you can:

  • Write WiFi credentials to the tag using your smart phone and then have your Arduino board read them via I2C
  • Log data from your Arduino project into the tag's EEPROM memory and then read it back with your smart phone - even while your Arduino board is asleep or powered off!
  • Configure or update your project's keys, usernames or passwords securely and easily using contactless near field communication

Key Features

  • Provides a comprehensive set of methods to:
    • Read and write the tag's user memory
    • Adjust the size of the four memory areas
    • Change the I2C and RF passwords and read/write protection
    • Enable RF detection and Energy Harvesting
  • Includes enhanced methods to:
    • Write the tag's Capability Container (CC) File
    • Read and write multiple NDEF URI records
    • Read and write multiple NDEF WiFi records
    • Read and write multiple NDEF Text records

Getting Started

The Getting Started Page outlines library installation and the general use of the SparkFun ST25DV64KC Arduino Library.

Detailed examples are included as part of the library installation process and available in the Arduino IDE File > Examples > menu. A walk-thru of key examples is contained in the Examples section of this documentation set.

A full API Reference is also provided for the library.

Tested Platforms

// pins_arduino.h : pin definitions for the RP2040 Thing Plus (DEV-17745)
// SPI
#define PIN_SPI_MISO  (12u)
#define PIN_SPI_MOSI  (15u)
#define PIN_SPI_SCK   (14u)
#define PIN_SPI_SS    (9u)
// Wire
#define PIN_WIRE_SDA  (6u)
#define PIN_WIRE_SCL  (7u)


The SparkFun ST25DV64KC Arduino Library is licensed using the Open Source MIT License