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Example 11 - Memory Leak Test

An example showing how to check for memory leaks using the SparkFun ST25DV64KC Arduino Library.

Key Features

  • Checking for a memory leak by instantiating the tag object in the loop

Memory Leak Test

Normally, the SFE_ST25DV64KC_NDEF tag object is instantiated once, at global scale, so that both setup() and loop() can access it.

Example 11 instantiates the tag object inside loop() to check for possible memory leaks. The tag object is destructed and re-instantiated each time around the loop. If the library were not cleaning up the memory correctly, we would soon see out-of-memory errors on platforms with limited RAM - like the good old ATmega328P.


Do not leave this example running for a prolonged period. The tag EEPROM has a lifetime of 400000 to 1000000 write cycles - depending on temperature. This example could quickly burn through those!


The example writes multiple NDEF URI, WiFi and Text records. If you disconnect the power during a write, the memory may end up 'corrupted' and not able to be read with NFC Tap. Re-run one of the earlier examples to reset the memory if required.