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Installation and Setup

Arduino IDE


For first-time users, who have never programmed before and are looking to use the Arduino IDE, we recommend beginning with the SparkFun Inventor's Kit (SIK), which is designed to help users get started programming with the Arduino IDE.

Most users may already be familiar with the Arduino IDE and its use. However, for those of you who have never heard the name Arduino before, feel free to check out the Arduino website. To get started with using the Arduino IDE, check out our tutorials below:

Need help setting up the RedBoard Plus?

RedBoard Plus

The following instructions should help users get started with the RedBoard Plus. For more information about the board, please check out our hookup guide below:

RedBoard Plus Hookup Guide
RedBoard Plus Hookup Guide

CH340 Driver

Users will need to install the appropriate driver for their computer to recognize the serial-to-UART chip on their board/adapter. Most of the latest operating systems will recognize the CH340C chip on the board and automatically install the required driver.

To manually install the CH340 driver on their computer, users can download it from the WCH website. For more information, check out our How to Install CH340 Drivers Tutorial.

How to Install CH340 Drivers
How to Install CH340 Drivers

Selecting a Board

When selecting a board to program in the Arduino IDE, users should select the Arduino Uno from the Tools drop-down menu (_i.e. Tools > Board > Arduino AVR Boards > Arduino Uno).

Select the Arduino Uno from the Tools drop-down menu in the Arduino IDE.

Arduino IDE 2.x.x - Alternative Method

In the newest version of the Arduino IDE 2.x.x, users can also select their board (green) and port (blue) from the Select Board & Port dropdown menu (yellow).

Selecting the Arduino Uno and COM5 port from the Select Board & Port drop-down menu in the Arduino IDE (v2.0.3).

SparkFun STHS34PF80 Arduino Library

The SparkFun STHS34PF80 Arduino library can be installed from the library manager in the Arduino IDE by searching for:

SparkFun STHS34PF80 Arduino library

SparkFun STHS34PF80 Arduino library in the library manager of the Arduino IDE.

Manually Downloading the Arduino Library

For users who would like to manually download and install the library, the *.zip file can be accessed from the GitHub repository or downloaded by clicking the button below.

Download the Arduino Library