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Configure with Bluetooth

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Configuration menu open over Bluetooth

Configuration menu via Bluetooth

Starting with firmware v3.0, Bluetooth-based configuration is supported. For more information about updating the firmware on your device, please see Updating RTK Firmware.

The RTK device will be a discoverable Bluetooth device (both BT SPP and BLE are supported). For information about Bluetooth pairing, please see Connecting Bluetooth.

Entering Bluetooth Echo Mode

Entering the BEM escape characters

Once connected, the RTK device will report a large amount of NMEA data over the link. To enter Bluetooth Echo Mode send the characters +++.

Note: There must be a 2 second gap between any serial sent from a phone to the RTK device, and any escape characters. In almost all cases this is not a problem. Just be sure it's been 2 seconds since an NTRIP source has been turned off and attempting to enter Bluetooth Echo Mode.

The GNSS message menu over BEM

The GNSS Messages menu shown over Bluetooth Echo Mode

Once in Bluetooth Echo Mode, any character sent from the RTK unit will be shown in the Bluetooth app, and any character sent from the connected device (cell phone, laptop, etc) will be received by the RTK device. This allows the opening of the config menu as well as the viewing of all regular system output.

For more information about the Serial Config menu please see Configure with Serial.

System output over Bluetooth

Exit from the Serial Config Menu

Bluetooth can also be used to view system status and output. Simply exit the config menu using option 'x' and the system output can be seen.

Exit Bluetooth Echo Mode

To exit Bluetooth Echo Mode simply disconnect Bluetooth. In the Bluetooth Serial Terminal app, this is done by pressing the 'two plugs' icon in the upper right corner.

Exiting Bluetooth Echo Mode

Menu option 'b' for exiting Bluetooth Echo Mode

Alternatively, if you wish to stay connected over Bluetooth but need to exit Bluetooth Echo Mode, use the 'b' menu option from the main menu.

Serial Bluetooth Terminal Settings

Here we provide some settings recommendations to make the terminal navigation of the RTK device a bit easier.

Disable Time stamps

Terminal Settings with Timestamps disabled

Disable timestamps to make the window a bit wider, allowing the display of longer menu items without wrapping.

Clear on send

Clear on send and echo off

Clearing the input box when sending is very handy as well as turning off local echo.