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Debug Menu

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System Debug Menu

Showing the debug menu

The Debug menu enables the user to enable and disable various debug features. None of these options are needed for normal users or daily use. These are provided for faster software development and troubleshooting.

  1. I2C Debugging Output - Enable additional ZED-F9P interface debug messages
  2. Heap Reporting - Display currently available bytes, lowest value and the largest block
  3. Task Highwater Reporting - Shows stack usage of select tasks
  4. Set the SPI / microSD card frequency - SD card interface speed. Default is 16MHz.
  5. Set SPP RX buffer size - Default 128 bytes
  6. Set SPP TX buffer size - Controls how large the buffer used to communicate over Bluetooth
  7. Throttle Bluetooth transmissions during SPP congestion - Reduce bytes transmitted if Bluetooth link becomes busy
  8. Display reset counter - Enable to display a small number indicating non-power on reset count
  9. Set GNSS serial timeout in seconds - Sets the number of milliseconds before reporting serial available
  10. Periodically display WiFi IP Address
  11. Periodically display system states
  12. Periodically display WiFi states
  13. Periodically display NTRIP Client states
  14. Periodically display NTRIP Server states

  15. t - Display the test screen

  16. e - Erase LittleFS: Clear settings and profiles saved internally (not on microSD card)
  17. r - Reset the system
  18. x - Exit the debug menu